City name: Gateway

Motto: Gateway to Freedom

Population: 10,500

Demographics: Human 80%, Halfling/Gnome 10%, Dwarven 5%, Elven 3%, Other Races 2%

Affiliations: Pan-Morado Crafters Guild, Aquisitions Anonymous, Gateway College, Riders of the Heartland, Lanoan Tribe.

History: founded in 906 Year of Ages by the first settlers of Morado. Those who settled were among the first to set out into the wilds of Morado, beyond the colonized areas so often used for mining and farmland. The people of Gateway sought to create a city free from religious authority or political affiliation: a city where everyone could be their own person to the best of their ability. 

For almost a century it proved to be a boom town, taking in all people from all walks of life. It was also the only town to make peace with the Lanoan tribe.

In the year 950 Y.A. Gateway College was founded. It is notable in being the only college in the West that admits people of all races, as well as allows interdisciplinary studies. 

The town of Gateway is a haven for many on both sides of Morado. Some come seeking a reprieve from the wilds, while others come to unwind. Either way, Gateway holds a special place in the hearts of all Morado's people. 


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